Large tab winding machine



Equipment introduction

l  Specialized in large-scale horn products, with paper padding function, foil padding function, automatic arrangement function, double tape function, rotation function, paper foil same length function, paper foil first roll selection function, paper foil positive and negative rotation function;

l  The overlapping precision of positive and negative foils is ± 0.3-0.5mm;

l  Overlap precision of electrolytic paper ± 0.3-0.5mm;

l  The length error of aluminum foil shall be controlled within 0.25% of the total length;

l  The accuracy of foot pitch deviation shall be controlled within ± 10%;

Equipment parameters

Product diameter


Number of tabs

1 pair - 3 pairs

Aluminum foil width


Electrolytic paper width


Riveting method

Oil pressure cold welding, pressure can be set

Overall dimensions

1980 * 1700 * 2172 Unit: mm

Number of layers of rolled paper

1-4 layers optional

Machine speed

Foil length 700-1200mm 3-3.5s/PCS

Machine speed

Foil length 1200-1600mm 3.5-4.0s/PCS

Machine speed

Foil length 1600-3000mm 4.0-8.5s/PCS

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